June 2015 Net Worth- $488,865.49

Every month I post my updated net worth for those of you that are interested in following my progress. These net worth updates go as far back as January 2006. Tracking my net worth has helped keep me motivated, focused, and accountable. I look forward to compiling it at the end of each month, and I encourage you to consider doing something similar.

Well, so much for hitting the milestone this month. There was about a 2% drop in the market right at the end of June and shows up in my net worth. I was so close to a half a million dollars, but now I’m not even sure I’ll make it next month either. Oh well, I’ll just keep doing what I do and it will happen soon enough. June means a lot of dividends are paid as you can see below:

Investment Income:
Lending Club: $158.74
Stock Dividends: $220.51
401k Dividends: $31.57
Mutual Fund Dividends: $366.97
Roth IRA Dividends: $251.03
Total: $1,028.82


Lending Club is a peer to peer lending site where I loan money and receive interest payments.
Loyal3 is a a brokerage which allows me to invest in my choice of over 60 stocks without paying any fees and in increments of as little as $10.

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