Credit Card Fraud Stats – Protect Yourself from Being Scammed

There are a lot of scammers online and you will be at risk if you happen to come across these bad elements. They will do everything to take money from you. They employ several tactics just to let you share your financial information with them, including your credit card details.

Ways to Get Credit with a Poor Credit Score

No one starts out thinking they will ever face credit ruin, but when debt becomes difficult to manage and too many late and missed payments are reported to the credit bureaus, credit scores take a dive. For some people a poor credit score is a result of irresponsible money management while for others it’s the result of an unexpected curve, as in a job loss or a medical emergency that wreaks havoc on their finances. The most challenging scenario for Continue article...

Benefits of Small Business Credit Cards

When opening a small business, many entrepreneurs are unsure how to fund their operation. Instead of researching their best options they choose the immediate gratification of using their own credit cards “just for now” until everything starts falling into place. As a matter of fact, a study by the United States Small Business Administration shows 50% of small business owners who use credit cards use their own personal credit.

The risks of using your own credit to fund a small Continue article...

The Best Customer Reward Credit Cards Available to the Everyday Consumer

Reward card issues are continually stepping up their game. Some card issues pay up to 6% cash back on certain purchases while others are luring potential customers with sign-up bonuses for those who spend a certain amount within a specified period of time. However, how can you tell which rewards cards are right for you and your lifestyle? Depending on how you spend your money and the type of rewards you prefer, there are several options available.

Cash-Back Rewards

These cards typically Continue article...

The Birth & Growth of Credit Cards

Have you ever wondered how it came to be that using a credit card would become a necessary part of your personal finances? It seems counterintuitive that borrowing would be a good thing. The fact is, that over time credit has turned into a major factor in demonstrating your ability to manage money over an extended period of time and through the thick and thin times of life. In addition, few of us can get by without a little help Continue article...

Are All Credit Cards for Average Credit Just … Average?

Nobody wants to be average. Average is boring, average doesn’t stand out – average is, well, average.

But it’s not always a bad thing to be average, especially when it comes to your credit score. Having average credit is likely to get you decent interest rates, unsecured credit card offers and some solid cash back opportunities.

So why does it feel like credit cards for average credit are just that – average? And how can a consumer boost their score into Continue article...

White Knight Agencies Help with Credit Card Issues

In a perfect world, satisfaction would be the ultimate description of every aspect of our lives. There would be no justification for complaining and griping; disputes would be non-existent when everything works as its intended and products are perfectly flawless. But that only happens in dreams; the real world is full of defective, faulty, unreliable merchandise and shoddy, mismanaged services…including credit card services. While credit cards have become a great resource over the years, but they have proven to be Continue article...

Credit Card Interest Rates and Ways to Lower Them

If you’ve paid attention to the U.S. economy in the last few years, you’ve probably heard news segments demonizing banks for contributing to the recession by stiffing their credit card customers. While much of the criticism was legitimate regarding unfair practices, banks can’t be expected to lend at rates that put them at risk of insolvency. As an integral and important aspect of our free market system, the interest and fees you pay are the revenues they use to satisfy Continue article...

How to Make Credit Cards Work for You

Credit cards have certainly gotten a bad rap: They make it easy to get into debt and difficult to get out of it if you don’t manage them properly. However, you can absolutely learn how to make credit cards work for you. In fact, you can actually benefit from using credit cards – and perhaps even avoid debt altogether. Here’s how:

Find a credit card that offers good rewards.

A lot of terrific rewards credit cards are out there. These cards give Continue article...

4 Ways To Rid Yourself Of That Pesky Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt brings with it a number of problems. According to an Associated Press-AOL Health poll, people saddled with credit card debt have a much higher probability of facing problems with their health. In addition to health problems, credit card debt has the potential to adversely affect your credit score, which can make it difficult to apply for credit cards, qualify for a home or auto loan, or even be approved for a cell phone contract.

Fortunately, if you Continue article...

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