Clients on Demand– is it a Scam? Here’s what You Need to Know

Russ Ruffino founded Clients on Demand in 2011 and since then, many business owners, thought leaders, coaches, and professional service providers have testified to how his training sessions have helped them to record significant growth in their businesses and careers. Client on Demand was founded on Russ’ personal story when he toyed with the idea of lowering his rates to attract more clients, but in his words, “That didn’t seem fair. I was damn good at what I did, and deserved to earn a competitive price, didn’t I?” The journey of building a business that attracts the right kind of clients without your reducing your rates or the quality of your service in turn birthed his company.

Interestingly, over the last couple of months; many people have been wondering if Clients on Demand was making exaggerated claims or if Russell Ruffino was pulling a scam. In fact, you could come across several negative reviews claiming to fall victim to a supposed Russ Ruffino scam because they were unable to turn their businesses around even after attending the training program. This piece provides 3 insights into how you can know if the Clients on Demand program will work for you.

It is meant for people making a major impact through their service/business

The Client on Demand program is created for businesses, service providers, or professionals who whose work could directly make a significant impact in the lives/businesses of their clients. If you are a business coach, relationship expert, life coach, executive assistant, therapist, attorney or consultant – you’ll find the knowledge from the training program directly applicable for growing your business.

However, if you work in an industry where you don’t have a direct interaction or impact in the lives of your customers; you’ll most likely be wasting time, money and resources attending a Clients on Demand training. If you run a retail store, Uber driving, or a cog in a wheel of a big organization; you might not be able to distill much value from the training.

It is not a get rich quick scheme

The training program is not a get rich scheme; in fact, get rich schemes are usually scams irrespective of how well they are packaged. Russ Ruffino’s program is designed to help you attract clients to your business; however, beyond attracting clients, there’s still incredible work to be done to convert them to paying customers. If your business/service is not as good as advertised, if the competition is better than you, if you have a bad attitude, if you are not priced correctly for your audience—you won’t be able to keep and convert the clients you attracted into loyal paying customers.

You’ll need to commit lots of hard work to an intense program

No training program can transform you into an overnight success in your line of business, career, or industry. Using the lessons in the program, you’ll probably be diving into new depths with webinars, creating Facebook Groups, engaging clients, and charging premium prices. These activities will take you out of your comfort zone and it might take some time before you are able to do them well enough to the point that potential customer are comfortable to trust you with their patronage.

Final words

Unfortunately, the reality is that no single training program is designed to be a silver bullet that will solve of business problems for all business people. Some solutions are designed to help you increase your brand visibility while others are designed to help you increase your revenue. Expecting that a solution for increasing market presence will automatically lead to an increase in profits could lead generate some Clients on Demand scam stories.

5 thoughts on “Clients on Demand– is it a Scam? Here’s what You Need to Know

  1. I like to talk to some one about this I want the deal for$197 but it did not work something was wrong with the side please email me a phone number that I can talk to some one thank u

  2. It is 100% a scam. I spent 12K on this course and got ZERO results. If you are not getting leads, they convince you it is a problem with your mindset. They continue to say “just think positive.” I kept thinking positive and still got no leads…The sales person told me lots of people are making 20-30K months…I can’t believe I fell for this scam

  3. I don’t think it is accidental that their logo, the lion, is very similar to the “Stratton Oakmont” logo from Jordan Belefort, aka “The Wolf on Wall Street” played by Leonardo DeCaprio. They are marketing wizards but don’t seem to be trustworthy.

  4. I tend to agree that they are not trustworthy. One example: They canceled my appointment at the very last minute, reset it for the next day, then again never showed up. They also have ignored several messages requesting to know when I would have the appointment. Not a good sign when they don’t even bother to keep your “discovery” appointment, which I assume is a sales tool.

  5. COD is 100% NOT a scam. They are the best out there for helping clients. I went through the program a year ago. It’s expensive, but they are world-class in service, and execution of marketing and helping their clients. See their Trust Pilot page for reviews for people who actually went through the program.

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