Four Practical Insights on How to Take Charge of Your Finances

At the start of this year, people made different kinds of New Year resolutions. The most popular resolutions had personal finance undertones such as getting out of debt or saving up more money. Many New Year resolutions have started to fizzle out on the altar of what’s ‘practical’ as people return to their old ways. Interestingly, your finances tend to have a direct influence on other areas of your life; you can’t afford to watch your personal finance resolutions Continue article...

How To Check Your Real FICO Score For Free?

The law allows you to get a free copy of your credit report from each of the 3 major credit reporting bureaus once every year. You can go to the Annual Credit Report website to request your credit reports at no charge once each year.

This credit report lists your credit accounts, history, and other factors. It does not tell you your credit score though, and this is something that you really need to know.

In the past you Continue article...

Mortgage Applications: Now Versus Then

Perhaps it’s been awhile since you last applied for a mortgage. If that’s the case, you’re going to be very surprised by the current lending environment. Much has changed since all that financial unpleasantness took place in the last decade – and all it took to totally revamp how money is loaned and borrowed was the near-collapse of the American economy.

Just how different is it? Take a look:

Mortgages are more basic

Then: As the early 21st Century progressed, the types of Continue article...

How The U.S. Government Views Bitcoin

Some time ago we posted an article about the NYSE launching a Bitcoin index and thus, in some financial circles, “legitimizing” the cryptocurrency. In the time since, while it’s difficult to say whether or not the index has had any direct effect or not, Bitcoin’s price has risen and it seems to be the subject of more discussion and speculation than ever before.

But with so many changes in how Bitcoin is viewed in America, and so much increased exposure Continue article...

Never Withdraw From Your IRA

Never withdraw from your IRA. There are a lot of good reasons not to do so, including penalties if you’re under 59 1/2 years old. There are also times when the expression “rules are made to be broken” applies. Why shouldn’t you withdraw? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And when should you disregard the advice to never withdraw from your IRA?

Penalties and Taxes on Withdrawing From Your IRA Early Accessing the income you’ve set aside for the future might seem Continue article...

Budgeting Tips to Keep Your Finances Healthy

Consider if you will, the concept of a budget. It’s one of those things that, like a diet or exercise regimen, is a good thing to follow, will do you a world of good, but is quite frankly a fun-murdering pain in the rear end.

Finding Freedom on A Fixed Income

If retirement is looming on the horizon and you’re concerned about your financial capacity, here are some tips to help ease your mind. Anyone can stretch their budget and still enjoy those golden years.

First thing’s first: Sit down with your spouse or significant other and make a list of your combined expenses along with examining your income.

If you see something that can be cut from your list of expenses, then get rid of it. Some things many Continue article...

Fiscal Fasting, Trimming Your Budget, and Other Creative Financial Tactics

Trying to manage your finances can be hard. Just figuring out a budget is difficult and then comes the hard part – sticking to it. Here are some actionable effective and creative tips to get your finances organized and start thinking about how your career path fits in with these goals.

To be creative, we usually have to step outside of our work-a-day world and look at our lives and those around us with a fresh perspective. When I set Continue article...

Your Ideas Will Fail if You Don’t Emphasize Them

Many people out there in the world have great ideas about what could make quite a bit of money. Unfortunately, most of them put in a halfhearted effort in order to make their dreams come true. The result is absolute failure. It’s difficult to be in the right place at the right time in order to have financial security dropped onto your lap without putting in the effort to make it happen. If you don’t put in the work it Continue article...

7 Places to Cut Corners with Your Household Budget

We all wish we could stretch our household budgets at least a little bit further. Unfortunately, for most of us, at first glance, it seems like every penny is already spoken for – sometimes by multiple expenses! It’s so easy to get bummed out and think that the only way to make our money go further is to win the lottery or for some monetary miracle to drop into our laps.

Here’s the truth: There are ways to stretch your Continue article...

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