Where Can I Sell My Bitcoin for Cash? A Guide for Businesses People

bitcoin for cash
Bitcoin is now becoming accepted in business around the world, making it a popular mode of buying products and services. In the past, many large businesses in manufacturing and other trades have accepted Bitcoin as payment. This is also the case with service businesses, especially in the entertainment industry.  Are you in a business that accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment? If yes, then you will definitely need to sell it for cash at some point. This gives you instant liquidity to...
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New Games to Earn Bitcoin in 2022

games to earn bitcoin
The internet has changed the way the whole world operates. From simple things like browsing clothes online to investing in the stock market, the internet has made everything way more convenient than ever before. Cryptocurrency is one major thing that has come out of the evolution of the internet and from cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was born.  Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be invented and it came off the back of the 2008 recession. One of the reasons cryptocurrency has become so pop...
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The Benefits And Downfalls Of Crypto Investing

crypto investing
Choosing an investment can be tricky; there are so many options out there, and they all seem to promise massive returns. However, not all opportunities are suitable for everyone.  For example, when assessing the pros and cons of investing in real estate, you'll find that the cons include some hurdles most of us can't overcome. You need a substantial fortune to start investing in real estate, and you might endure concerns like problematic tenants, hefty property maintenance costs, an...
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Digital Money And Its New Forms

Digital Money
In April 2020 you may have missed it, but amid the raging pandemic, Chinese Central Bank has officially announced the introduction of their CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Digital yuan is of course still a big unknown for the world outside of China, but the innovation has fueled the debate about CBDCs all over the world. Since then, major economies have openly admitted that they are joining the ‘race’. Among those, you can find the United Kingdom, which has used a strong political mom...
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Bitcoin And India: How To Buy And Sell It

Unfortunately, even though Bitcoin knows no borders there are countries where it is not permitted to use it. Some countries limit how you can use it and some are totally laissez faire about it completely. India is a country where it is somewhat limited in how you can acquire it. For the most part, however, there are not too many laws that expressly forbid it. The only area where you cannot acquire it is at a POS for a business. If you have a store, for example, you can’t accept that a...
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Avoiding The Latest Cryptocurrency Investment Scams Targeting The Nation

crypto scam
Each year, millions of unsuspecting Americans fall victim to investment scams. According to The Federal Trade Commission, 25 million US citizens find themselves mixed up in consumer fraud each year. Therefore, when you’re investing your money, it’s vital that you’re vigilant and do all you can to protect yourself from being scammed. Investment scams are constantly evolving and these are the ones that are currently sweeping the nation. Deals too good to be true Despite the well-known s...
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How Blockchain Technology is Shaping the Future of E-Commerce

blockchain technology
In the United States alone, the e-commerce industry represents 10% of retail sales, with a rapid increase of 15% each year. New blockchain technology solutions are proving to help simplify the process of customer acquisition as well as helping buyers make informed decisions before their purchase. As e-commerce continues to evolve at a rapid pace, business owners should keep up with the latest online trends to help boost sales and stay ahead. Check out how Blockchain technology is shaping th...
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Should Investors Buy Into The Cryptocurrency Arena?

2017 was marked by a dramatic surge in the popularity (and price) of digital currencies. Led by strong growth in global demand, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and scores of others have appreciated sharply. My mid-December 2017, BTC was hovering close to the $20,000 per unit level, Ethereum spiked towards $730, and Litecoin broached $330 per unit. Of course, such is the volatility of these explosive new trading paradigms that these figures may well be invalidated by the time you are reading this ar...
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How The U.S. Government Views Bitcoin

Some time ago we posted an article about the NYSE launching a Bitcoin index and thus, in some financial circles, "legitimizing" the cryptocurrency. In the time since, while it's difficult to say whether or not the index has had any direct effect or not, Bitcoin's price has risen and it seems to be the subject of more discussion and speculation than ever before. But with so many changes in how Bitcoin is viewed in America, and so much increased exposure for the cryptocurrency in general, some ...
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The NYSE Just Legitimized Bitcoin

Since launching in 2009, Bitcoin has experienced a brief but turbulent history. Designed as a thoroughly regulated system of fund transfers, it essentially became the world's first major attempt at a universal digital currency. The idea was that people around the world would acquire Bitcoin through currency transactions and a payment processing practice termed "mining," and then use the Bitcoin to conduct transactions online, and eventually in person. For many, though, this very idea was worth l...
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