5 Small Business Ideas for Anyone Who Wants to Be Their Own Boss

One of the most common goals for many Americans is to be their own boss. Even with over 30 million small businesses across the U.S., there is always room for more enterprise in the American economy.

For many people, the only thing that keeps them from becoming their own boss is that they can’t come up with a viable business idea. However, there are many businesses that you can start with a minimal investment and grow into your own empire. Continue reading to get some great ideas for startups.

1. Health Store

The United States is one of the most health conscious countries on the planet, and Americans love their supplements. If you’re a health and fitness enthusiast, then opening a health store might be the perfect small business for you to start.

People are always looking for dietary supplements that will help improve their quality of life. If you have an idea for a supplement, then you can go to a supplement manufacturer like Makers Nutrition and have them create a private label supplements that you can sell in your store.

Private label supplements will not only garner you more customers, but they’ll also help your store to build its credibility as an authority in health and fitness. With a combination of your own private label dietary supplements as well as name-brand supplements from major distributors, you can build a health store empire that you can franchise in the future.

2. Used Car Dealership

One of the most sure industries that you can go into is the auto industry. For most people, cars are a necessity, meaning the auto industry is ripe with opportunities to build a profitable, long-lasting business.

With the prevalence of online shopping growing, you can even sell automobiles online and reach potential customers across the globe. People looking for used cars for sale in Nigeria, Ghana, and other developing nations often turn to America’s used car market. If you can build an international customer base for your used cars, then you’ll never have to worry about going out of business.

3. Film and Television Production Company.

If you’re a film and/or television buff but with more of an entrepreneurial spirit than an artistic one, then there are still plenty of ways to break into show business. A great way to get into the industry without being in front of or behind the camera is to start your own entertainment production company.

Starting your own production company will require a larger investment than most businesses do, but investing and drawing other investors is what executive producers do best. If you know how to woo investors, then you can be very successful in showbiz. Clint Stinchcomb was able to raise over $100 million in private funding as the CEO of CuriosityStream, and if you’ve got the sales and marketing chops, you can too.

4. Consultant

Companies large and small often turn to the expertise of independent contractors to advise them about how to expand their business. If you have years of experience as a leader in a particular field, then you could make big bucks by lending your expertise to companies that are looking to grow or are in the startup phase.

Starting your own business as a consultant is inexpensive because your most valuable assets will be your resume and expertise. Clients just need to see that you know more than they do, and they will pay you handsomely to lend them your knowledge and experience.

5. Cleaning Service

If you’re looking for an easy-to-start business, then there may be none easier to launch than a cleaning service. As long as you have a penchant for cleanliness and an eye for detail, then you have all it takes to build a successful housekeeping or office-cleaning business. Starting a cleaning service doesn’t require a large investment, and you can even work alone until you have too many clients to handle on your own.

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