5 Tips For Securing Your Home

Whether you’re going away on holiday, visiting family for a weekend or you’re just heading out to work for the day, the security of your home should always be one of your top priorities. The last thing anyone wants to come home to is their property broken into and their belongings completely ransacked. 

It’s frightening, upsetting and completely violating to say the least. But, what can be done to ensure that wherever you are, your property remains safe and secure? Read on for 5 tips for securing your home. 


CCTV is a great addition to any home security for several different reasons. Not only do the cameras themselves work well as a deterrent, but so does the signage that you are legally required to display if you are recording. Check out mysafetysign.com for the latest signage and high quality security signs. If thieves realise that they’re at risk of being filmed and identified then they make think twice before breaking the law. In addition, if there as an attempt at a break in on your property, or if thieves get inside, then you’ll have evidence that could potentially lead to an arrest or even a conviction. If you’re considering installing CCTV then speak to a security expert about the best locations for your cameras.

Outdoor lighting

Having a well-lit property not only makes it appear as though someone is home, but when your property is well lit, there are very little places for a thief to hide. Even the darkest of corners in your garden or driveway can be sufficiently lit, so you (and your neighbours) can easily spot anyone lurking. Try some solar lights along your garden path or in your flowerbeds, motion sensor lights, or mounted wall lights around your property. Don’t forget the garage! If you’re returning home from work in the dark, you’ll probably feel safer approaching your home if it is well-lit. 

Reach out to your neighbours

Perhaps your area has had a recent surge in burglaries, or you’re concerned about someone lurking around. If this sounds like you then don’t be afraid to reach out to your neighbours and share your concerns. If you’re both keeping an eye on each other’s properties then the chance of being burgled is probably reduced. If you’re heading off on holiday, then invite your neighbours to park their car on your drive or put the bin out etc so it looks as though someone is home. You can do the same for them.

Keep your property tidy

Overflowing bins, overgrown bushes, a messy yard and dark, dirty windows…if your property doesn’t look cared for then you could be inadvertently inviting burglars to try their luck. When you keep your property tidy and well maintained, it looks as though someone is usually around and that security is probably tight. A tidy property also makes it difficult for burglars to hide in your overgrown garden or behind other items!

Out of sight!

Tablets, big TVs, laptops and games consoles…you work hard for these items. But if someone is peering through your windows and spots your hard earned tech, they might seize an opportunity to see what else you that have is worth stealing. Keep your valuables out of sight!

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