6 Travel Tips to Help You Plan Your First Washington DC Visit

So you and your family have just recently booked a trip to head down to Washington DC. It is an exciting place to visit as there are a ton of different attractions, monuments, and historic buildings to visit. If it is your first time going, it can be very overwhelming as you will want to see as much as possible but not have the time to do so. That being said, there are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to help make your first trip a success. Here are several travel tips to help you plan your first Washington DC visit.

Find A Neighbourhood to Stay In That Works for You

When finding a place to stay, you want to ensure that you are close to the downtown core, while also making sure you can afford your stay. There are plenty of neighborhoods in Washington DC that can definitely accommodate what you are looking for. Places like Cathedral Heights and Cleveland Park are both great options to consider. The blog post titled “Washington DC Neighborhood Guide: Columbia Heights” mentions all the great benefits of staying in Columbia Heights and how it can make your vacation that much better. While there isn’t much in that in the neighborhood itself, with a subway line running right down the middle of it and a ton of different things to see in the surrounding neighborhoods, you have easy access to whatever you want. No matter what you want to see in the city, you should be able to get where you want when staying in this neighborhood. Finding the right accommodations can either make or break your first stay in Washington DC.

Check Out the Government Buildings and Monuments

Once you have a place to stay, it’s time to look at the important sights to see within the city itself. As you are going to the capital, the biggest travel tip anyone would give you is to check out the government buildings and monuments that surround the area. You can very easily get yourself a White House and Capitol building tour to see exactly how the government works. Once those are done, feel free to stroll around the area and take a look at the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Both are fantastic pieces of architecture that pay tribute to two of the greatest presidents the country has seen. You can’t go to Washington DC without taking a look at the government buildings.

Go On A City Tour

No matter how much research you do into a city, there will always be something that you miss that you would love to see. By taking the time to go on a city tour the first time you travel, you can get an idea of what is going on in the city and from there to make your mind up about restaurants, nighttime entertainment, and more. For example, some downtown city tours will show you restaurants such as the Old Ebbitt Grill. It is an incredibly famous restaurant as presidents have been known to frequently eat there. There is no better way to get information about the city than from locals, and it can definitely give you a great idea about what to do within the city.

Check Out One of the Many Smithsonian Institutions

The Smithsonian has a ton of different buildings situated in Washington DC for you to explore and check out. If you are into animals there is an extremely large zoo located near Cleveland Park. If you are interested in space, there is a Smithsonian space museum located near the Capitol building. Finally, there are standard Smithsonian history museums if you just want to take a look at the history of the world and its people. With so many different buildings to check out, you will have to decide which one you want to see the most.

Give Yourself Time to Explore

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to trip planning is that they pack their itinerary with way too many things. This means you won’t have enough time to check out each attraction, and you will also get exhausted during the day. While you don’t want to sit around and do nothing, you don’t want your whole day to be running back and forth from place to place. Find a balance and visit a few things while in the capital. You can always come back for a second vacation if there is more that you want to do.

These are all great travel tips you should follow and use when planning your first trip to Washington. Enjoy the history of the city and enjoy everything it has to offer you. What do you plan on doing once you get to Washington?

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