6 Ways to Reward Your Top Performing Employees

It is important to make your employees aware that their good work doesn’t go unnoticed and that you appreciate it; otherwise, they may become despondent and resentful. When people have an incentive to work towards, it can make them up their game and go over and beyond the call of duty.

When a member of staff does exceptional work and outshines all others, the decent thing to do is reward them appropriately. Here are 6 ways to reward your top performing employees.

Give Thanks

Nothing makes your appreciation more evident than when it comes from your own lips. If you want to give thanks to an employee, invite them into your office and express your feelings or arrange a company meeting and show how grateful you are in front of everybody.

A great way of displaying that you care for your employees is by giving them workers gifts. There are tons of options you can explore as far as corporate gifting is concerned. You can also go for holiday gifts that can be ordered for the employees as well as their families. 

Put It In Print

The written word is everlasting so acknowledge your top performers in the company newsletter or blog so that they have a permanent record of your gratitude and can feel proud in front of their colleagues.

Sometimes a small medal or a certificate of outstanding performance is all you need to make an employee feel that their hard work has been noticed. Look for a customizable certificate on computer software or online that you can print off and give to your employee as a memento of the moment.

Let Them Off

Days off and time in lieu is an excellent incentive for employees. Knowing that if they excel at their daily duties and do something extra notable such as work extra shifts or get consistently high results in their duties, they will be rewarded with additional holidays, an employee will strive to be the best they can be.

Money Talks

Money certainly does talk, and it is the reason most people go to work each day. Receiving a monetary gift for doing exemplary work is probably on most people’s wish lists. Not many people will turn down a substantial check. The only catch is, it needs to be a suitable amount of money without being insulting.

Move Them Up

When an employee shows initiative and excels, it may be beneficial to the company and the employee to promote them. For example, if a laboratory technician really stands out among their peers, you could promote them to the position of Senior Laboratory Technician. If there are no suitable positions to move them into, invent one.

Embrace Technology 

If your company has a presence on a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you could post a blog singing the praise of your fantastic employee. It could give a brief account of the employee’s journey to get where they are now and the wonderful things they have done for your company. Of course, you should ask their permission before you post any of their personal life story online. Making their achievements visible online will let other employees and peers comment and post their congratulatory messages too. 

Your employees are the bricks and mortar of your company. Treat them well, and you will be rewarded with hard work and dedication in return.

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