Discover How BOM Management Can Help You Achieve an Effortless Purchasing Process

As a business faced with growing numbers and growing responsibilities, the pressure is on to create a seamless and effective procurement process. When there are issues within your supply chain your whole business will start to suffer so taking control of your BOM and bringing it into the 21st century will not only benefit your OEM and those on the procurement team, but your operation as a whole will enjoy a streamlined and highly efficient process. 

By adopting a digitized, expert approach to managing your Bill of Materials, you’ll be able to source exactly what you need, for the price you want and within the time frame you need it for. It’s for this reason that companies across a variety of industries are turning to Sourcengine for all their electronic component needs, you can start your search here. 

By turning to a digitized and fully manageable BOM approach you can reduce the likelihood of errors occurring and thanks to Sourcengine’s revolutionary software you can get your products to market faster and work at an efficient and reliable pace. 

Here we’ll explore how BOM management can help you achieve an effortless purchasing process – read on to find out more. 

Upload your BOM to Sourcengine

Your BOM will contain several different elements, from part numbers to part names, the unit of measurements, descriptions of parts, procurement types and reference/key descriptors, to name just a few. Instead of spoon-feeding these morsels of information to your current supplier, with BOM management software you can simply upload your entire Bill of Materials to start rapidly sourcing the materials and parts you need as quickly as possible. By using a spreadsheet with fully mapped columns and a simple interface you’ll be able to find the best offers within moments. 

Setting your criteria simplifies the process

The BOM management tool from Sourcengine gives users the freedom and the convenience to fully tailor their search results and streamline the entire procurement process. By entering your basic preferences and needs, such as searching by the lowest price, latest deals or even delivery date, you’ll not only get instant results but ones that are instantaneously catered to your specific requirements. You can also save these preferences, meaning every time you need to order, you can save even more time. 

Downloadable results 

Often, it’s not always easy to maintain good levels of communication within your procurement team and those in other vital positions. With BOM management software from Sourcengine, you can download your BOM once it’s been fully processed. This action gives you the option to share this information with other team members and those who need to be kept updated. This prevents duplicate orders, and miscommunications business-wide.

Managed deliveries

BOM management software also helps you to schedule and monitor multiple deliveries at any time. Keeping your production line moving and allowing you to keep your staff and your customers updated, every step of the way. 

Final thoughts…

BOM management software is essential for an efficient and streamlined procurement process. Reach out to now for more information.

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