Diversify Your Investment Portfolio This Year With These Ideas

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The global economy has yet to fully recover from the pandemic and for many private investors, this is a time to review all investments with a view to making some changes. We all know that it is unwise to put all your eggs into one basket, especially in such an uncertain time. With that in mind, here are a few investment ideas to add some diversity to your investment portfolio.

  1. Rental Property – If you have the capital to acquire and renovate a house in a trendy area of the city, you can ask top rental prices. Hook up with a local property management company, as they can handle every aspect of the project, including sourcing and screening potential tenants. You need to crunch the numbers to see what the total investment would be, then look at the average monthly rental rates and you can see what sort of a revenue to expect.
  1. Gold Coins – It is no surprise that the price of gold is rising. This usually happens when stock markets are volatile and if you want to acquire some, leading gold dealers such as City Gold Bullion offers gold coins for sale Brisbane investors go for. If you prefer a dealer near your location, an online search can easily help you find one. You might enjoy collecting various 1oz coins such as the American Eagle, American Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf and the Brittanica, plus there are many other gold coins that make for suitable investment acquisition. Certified gold coins are very easy to liquidate.
  1. Gold Bullion –If the thought of gold coins does nothing for you, why not invest in gold ingots or bars? Search online for a reputable gold bullion dealer and the rest would be easy. It is always best to take physical possession of any gold bullion or coins that you acquire for obvious reasons. You can rent a safe deposit box at your local bank, or ask a security company to install a concealed safe in your bedroom.
  1. Crypto Currency – If you don’t know much about crypto currency, start by tracking the price of Bitcoin over the past few years. There are other crypto currencies and you should do some research before acquiring this commodity. Prices can go up or down, as with any investment, so there is an element of risk, especially when you have limited knowledge of the markets.
  1. Tech Shares – Big tech giants like Google and Microsoft are always experiencing growth and for some investors, these shares are preferable to others. On the other hand, you might prefer to find a promising tech start-up, buy some shares at the ground level and hope they are successful. Of course, if you are well-versed in the tech sector, that’s even better!

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Markets across the world are volatile at the moment and this could be the right time for some investment diversification. We do advise that you carry out some research before investing in anything, as there are obvious risks with any form of investment. Gold is probably the safest bet at the moment, so contact a reputable gold bullion dealer and make your purchase soon.

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