Dividend Investing – Cashing in on Company Earnings

When looking for a great investment opportunity, an investor can look at the income-earning potential of dividend investing. This kind of investment strategy allows an investor to take a share of a company’s earnings in the form of dividends. To put things simply, dividends are sums of money given by certain companies to its shareholders. These are dependent on the companies’ performance and its investment earnings. Giving dividends is a prerogative that is exercised by a company’s management team and board of directors. It works like interest earnings paid for savings accounts. Interest rates or yields on dividends, however, may fluctuate.

Dividend investing is a strategy used by investors to maximize the cash income generated by a particular portfolio of investments. With a smart and profitable dividend investing strategy, an investor can enjoy yields that can equal or surpass regular income from a steady job. Using this strategy requires an investor to have a good grasp of the dividend market as well as the heart for the fluctuations that come with investing in a volatile market. A wise choice of company to invest in would most likely bring in more income earnings for an investor. Bad choices logically would most likely result in losses instead of gains.

A company’s historical dividend performance is a good gauge of potential yield. These figures, however, are based on past performance and does not necessarily guarantee future performance. A company that has a great historical dividend performance can lose its value in an adverse economy. It would be good to check on the future prospects of the industry where a particular company belongs. Investing in dividends of a consumer goods company would necessitate, for example, an investigation on the potential growth of the consumer goods market. It would most probably be a bad idea to use this strategy on a company that manufactures Polaroid films since these are already being phased out. The prospects of the company generating higher income for the next couple of years is considerably low. Investing in a software company, on the other hand, could prove to be a good investment call since software development is considered as sunshine industry.

In an investment with a highly profitable company, dividends received may be reinvested to buy more shares to present the possibility of cashing in on more dividends. When dividend rates are higher, the investor gets higher yield. And because his number of shares continuously increases, his earnings will also be moving upward. There is what is called as a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP) that can be used as a dividend investing strategy. Under DRIP, a program that is offered directly by the company issuing the dividends, the investor do not get the dividends in cash. Dividends in DRIP are automatically re-invested in the purchase of more shares of stock. This kind of investing takes advantage of the power of cost-averaging where the dips in invested shares are balanced off with earnings from shares previously purchased at lower prices.

Great yields can be experienced for an investor who employs a dividend investing strategy prudently. It is best to look at this option for the medium and long term horizon.

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