How to Improve User Experience on Your Business Website

improve user experience

Improving the quality of user experience on your business website can offer a range of benefits, from increasing your sales to boosting your search engine ranking. User experience is a holistic term that encompasses many different processes and focuses. This means that improving user experience can seem like a complex and costly endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Having an awareness of the most influential factors will enable you to focus your efforts to effectively improve the quality of user experience on your business website.

What is User Experience?

The term user experience refers to the feeling that a user has while they are interacting with your brand’s website. The user experience is a holistic journey that begins when they first contact your website and lasts throughout the interaction.

Offering a high-quality user experience can help you to build deep, meaningful, and long-lasting relationships with visitors and motivate purchases. Whereas, only offering a low-quality user experience can lead to visitors clicking off your site very quickly, often never to return again.

How Can You Improve User Experience?

The list below has been designed to help you learn how to improve the user experience on your business website.

Use a Translation Management System

Using a translation management system is a must for any business that hosts international visitors. A translation management system will offer a higher quality translation than the standard, in-built translation software, meaning your visitors will all experience high quality, no matter the language they speak.

Improve Your Loading Speeds

A website’s loading speed can have a big impact on the user experience. In fact, research has found that the majority of internet users will leave a website that takes more than three seconds to load. Therefore, you should improve your website’s loading speeds to ensure you are not inadvertently losing customers and damaging the user experience.

Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

More than 50% of internet traffic now comes via a mobile device which means that if your site is not optimized for mobile, you are not providing the highest quality user experience to the majority of your site’s visitors. Therefore, you should use responsive website design to ensure that all visitors to your business website have the highest quality experience.

Make Your Navigation Intuitive

Online consumers have come to expect a certain structure and design composition when they are using websites. Consumers do not expect to struggle to make their way through a website to find what they are looking for. If your website is too difficult or complicated to navigate, it is highly unlikely that a visitor will remain long enough to make a purchase.

You should use an intuitive website design to make sure that no visitor to your site has to think too much about navigation. By making your website design intuitive, you eliminate the need for thought, allowing your visitors to interact directly with your brand. This increases the possibilities for user experience hugely and can boost your sales levels too. 

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