How to Start a Photography Business From Scratch

There are over 580 million entrepreneurs in the world, and you could be one of them! Starting a business is an exciting opportunity to build a career you love. 

Photography is a great area to start building a business, with so many directions you could take it. But you might not know how to start a photography business. It can seem like an overwhelming task to do everything yourself. 

This article is here to explain how to start a freelance photography business. We cover business plans, gear, and getting your portfolio sorted to draw in clients! We also dive into understanding how much does it cost to start a photography business.

Write a Business Plan

When you start a photography business, you will need a strong business plan. These plans help you to outline your goals and break them into actionable steps. You can set deadlines for yourself and draft a working plan for your business structure.

Business plans encourage you to think about your target audience. This means you can be more precise with your marketing efforts to get the greatest amount of reach. 

Writing your business plan will also allow you to do some financial planning. You can outline your start-up costs as well as your pricing per hour.

The average start-up cost is around $10,000. But this is flexible depending on your circumstances. Don’t forget to include fees for registering your business, alongside any gear costs.

The average hourly rate of photographers is $19. But you can charge more than that if you already have experience or a specific niche. Make sure that you include set-up and editing time in your hourly rates.

On average, you will spend 3 hours editing after one hour of shooting. So include the editing in your hourly rate or charge an extra fee for editing. You can also do packages for all-day events like weddings.

Gear and Editing Software

It can be tempting when starting a photography business to splurge on expensive gear. But the truth is that you don’t need the highest spec equipment to get amazing shots. It is more important that you have a distinctive style.

You can always upgrade your gear as time goes on and if you decide that you need more specialist equipment. 

One thing you shouldn’t skimp on is your editing software. You need to make sure that you make your images as high-quality as possible. This could include things like cropping, color correction, and being able to remove background from an image

Build Your Portfolio

To generate business, be consistent with adding new high-quality shots to your portfolio. Clients need to see what you are capable of and what they are paying for. This is important if you have a niche, like weddings or business photography. 

You could start a website to showcase your work. This will also be a handy place to put your other contact information. Having it all in one place will make you look professional.

Understanding How to Start a Photography Business

Starting any new endeavor can be both nerve-wracking and exciting. Now you know how to start a photography business, you are ready to start that journey.

Remember to keep your goals clear and be consistent with building your network and portfolio. Clients will see your dedication and be happy to hire you!

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