My mother always told me I don’t have to know everything in life as long as I surround myself with people who do. Of course, over the years, I’ve learned that we have to know at least certain things in order to succeed, the least of those being who the people you need to befriend are.

My sponsored review, then, starts with a word to the wise: David Waring may just be the friend you’re looking for.

So let’s start with the trivial and slowly move into the thick of it. David Waring is not a web artist (and thankfully he doesn’t claim to be one). The site is very simple and fancy-free, which may leave some people with a feeling that it was put together by an amateur. Unfortunately, in this day and age of fast processors and high speed connections, people may automatically discount the content of this site for a lack of flying images or shaded gradients.

For the average web monkey, however, you will quickly find that also contains a considerable lack of flaying banner ads and irrelevant information.

David has compiled an enormous amount of information on Foreign Exchange Trading for the new and the veteran, including articles, videos, and a very active forum of users.

I was curious to quickly find out who David was and who or what made him believe that he could teach me anything, let alone be my friend, so I was happy to see someone had asked him relevant questions. David seems honest in his answers about why he is willing to share his knowledge and how he profits from it while genuinely building a network of traders that can help one another (him included) learn and share tips and ideas.
He is open about his background in the financial sector and even shows users how to use a tool to rip off his videos from his web site onto their personal machines.

Aside from the articles and videos, from learning about basic money management to chart patterns and logistics, the forum seems to have quickly developed into a powerful tool within the site. David himself replies to a lot of the posts and other users will pitch in their 2 cents in a moderated conversation. Unfortunately, most posts seemed a bit top-heavy for the beginner investor, with most questions hitting on some very advanced topics. However, a new user will feel comfortable posting newbie questions based on the communal feeling the site presents.

As a side note, the site may also benefit from a “Star Here” for the first-time visitors. presents all this information in a professional way, with no promises of get-rich-quick tricks and without asking you to “invest” in this or that, or buy this book or that shirt (although they do sell a shirt). David Waring has built a community of investors who are willing to help each other grow in their knowledge of trading with a feeling of friendship and mutual respect.

My mother would be proud.

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