July 2022 Net Worth

Every month I post my updated net worth for those that are interested in following my progress. I have been tracking my net worth online since January 2006. I enjoy compiling the numbers each month, and doing so keeps me motivated, focused, and accountable.

This month’s numbers…

After 3 straight months of losses, we finally had a little bit of a turnaround. Our investment accounts are still well under where they started the year at, but at least they are heading in the right direction again. Not that we can count on that continuing. There’s plenty of reasons to believe the pain is not over and we may have a lot more to go.

Not that any of that changes the plan. I just continue to max my 401ks and IRAs into broad based index funds, own some real estate for good measure, and trust the process. As much fun as it is to play around with alternative investments, it just hasn’t been more profitable over the long term. But, hey, that wont stop my from trying with my “play money”. Good luck out there.

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