Make Money With Video Content: 4 Profitable Ideas To Get You Started

In today’s digital world, there’s been a dramatic shift in demands as consumers are no longer interested in reading content. In fact, 63% of global businesses have already taken advantage of video content marketing due to higher traffic and ROI. Now, everything with a camera or smartphone and access to social media can help you become a video content creator – whether you realize it or not.

These days, even the most casual posts can earn money from shares and views from the audience. Not to mention, making a profit with video content doesn’t mean you should produce Hollywood-quality movies or develop an online personality on YouTube. Instead, you can discover your target market and focus on promoting your niche. Check out these 4 profitable ideas to get you started on making video content.

Upload videos on YouTube

As the most common way to start making money with videos, entrepreneurs don’t have to spend a hefty amount on equipment. In fact, All it takes is a handheld camera for recording, a laptop for editing, and knowledge of Google Adsense to help you earn some cash. So, how can you make a profit on YouTube?

The best method to earning a profit is to create your own content, products, and connect with your viewers. As most bloggers use Google Adsense on their vlogs, the average rate is between $0.006 and $0.016 per view. In addition, YouTube shares 55% of its advertisement revenue with an average of $7.60 per 1,000 views.

Build video resumes

Nowadays, it seems like the traditional paper resume isn’t going to cut it with the recent hiring market. Video resumes are gaining popularity due to its speedy process for recruiters to set potential candidates apart from the rest of the crowd. In fact, 52% of surveyors claimed that the primary value of video resumes is the ability to assess an applicant’s presence and demeanor, according to an annual report by Vault Inc. As a result, most job seekers are looking for solid videographers to create the best outcome of their skills, personality, and stand out from other applicants.

Create video lessons

If you are an expert in a certain topic or niche, why not make a fortune out of it? You can start creating training videos based on your expertise as tutorial videos can help your audience learn more information and solve their problems. For example, if you are a beauty guru, you can create makeup tutorials about how to master the cat-eye look, creating the perfect skincare routine, achieve a sultry contour, etc.

Sell products on viral videos

Another way to make a profit with video content is to create the rights and sell affiliate products. Viral videos can be viewed live, shared on social media platforms and target your market audience. While there is no guarantee that your video will go viral, all it takes it the right topic title and content to spread like wildfire.

Due to the value, accessibility, and viral nature, it only makes senses that video content stands out as an effective way to approach online marketing. Whether you plan to create content for social media or personal keepsakes, videos will continue to build a long-lasting impact on the target viewers.

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