April 2008 Net Worth – $82,394.84

April 2008 Net Worth

Wow! April turned out to be a surprisingly good month for us. In fact, $6,587.24 is the largest net worth gain in a month that we’ve ever had. And the good news is that it wasn’t due to any one time irregular income like a tax rebate or economic stimulus payment (still waiting for those). This is simply what’s possible when our monthly investment contributions aren’t erased by market declines.

We hit the $80k milestone this month, 5 months after hitting the $70k milestone. The following list shows when we hit each milestone, and how long it took after the previous milestone:

Apr. ’08 – $80k (5 months)
Nov. ‘07 – $70k (4 months)
Jul. ‘07 – $60k (4 months)
Mar. ‘07 – $50k (5 months)
Oct. ‘06 – $40k (8 months)
Feb. ‘06 – $30k (11 months)
Mar. ‘05 – $20k (many years)

To add to the good news, the wife was just awarded a scholarship for her last year of college that will save us thousands of dollars. w00t! w00t! Another month like this, and we’ll be right back on track after the lousy beginning of the year.

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