New Games to Earn Bitcoin in 2022

The internet has changed the way the whole world operates. From simple things like browsing clothes online to investing in the stock market, the internet has made everything way more convenient than ever before. Cryptocurrency is one major thing that has come out of the evolution of the internet and from cryptocurrency, Bitcoin was born. 

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be invented and it came off the back of the 2008 recession. One of the reasons cryptocurrency has become so popular is because it is something that is not governed by any banks or governments. Furthermore, the cryptography used to secure virtual transitions make it nearly impossible to counterfeit, so many people believe that crypto is the best and most secure way to invest or make transactions. Since Bitcoin has been around, there have been more and more ways that people can earn Bitcoin, one of those being online games. As with any sort of gaming, there are trends that occur each year, so throughout this article, we will discuss some of the best new games to earn Bitcoin in 2022.


At this current time, Silks is one of the best games to earn Bitcoin with and it seems its popularity will continue to grow. Silks combine the gambling world of horse racing with the metaverse and NFTs to create an immersive gaming experience where users have the potential to earn a lot of Bitcoin. The game mirrors the real-life experience of horse racing and allows users to even track the lineage of their horses so they can pick the one that is most likely to win. The reflection on the real world is what makes this game so popular, if users already have a fondness for horse racing, they can get a similar if not better experience all from the comfort of their home.

Crypto Games

One of the next games we are going to discuss is Crypto Games. Crypto Games is a website that provides a whole host of games that users can earn Bitcoin. It operates in the same way as an online casino in that users can play from a range of games you would usually find at a casino. Blackjack, roulette, and video poker are some of the most popular games on the website as it gives users an immersive gambling experience. Since the pandemic, many people turned to online casinos as a way of keeping themselves entertained and now Crypto Games give users the chance to win some Bitcoin too. Crypto Games is one of the many games that are featured on this list of games to earn Bitcoin from,  so, if you are after some expert advice on games to earn Bitcoin, it would be worth having a read of that list.

Battle Of Guardians

Battle of Guardians is the next game on the list, and it has become popular for a reason. This game is an immersive play to earn game where users can battle other players in real-time. Combat games have always been a huge part of online gaming and they are always generated a huge following. within Battle of Guardians, users can choose their own characters and can earn fighting points by winning battles against other players. An interesting point to this game is that all players start at the same point, meaning that users have to be quick and learn strategies in order to beat other players and earn fighting points. Once you have earned fighting points, the points can be used to purchase items or enter another tournament.

Gods Unchained

Next on the list is a trading card game called Gods Unchained. Within this game, each playing card is represented at an NFT, meaning that players can have true ownership of the cards that they have. Additionally, because each card is an NFT, it means that the characteristics and attributes of each card cannot be altered. Players can trade their cards with other users to earn rewards and Bitcoin. One major benefit of this game is that it is completely free to use, which makes it much more accessible to casual gamers.


Another game we are going to discuss is Decentraland. Decentraland has taken the popularity of virtual reality gaming and used it to create a platform for people to play and earn Bitcoin. Within the game, users can create and own virtual plots of land, estates, and other assets. Your avatars exist in the metaverse, and the virtual land that you buy is represented as an NFT, meaning that users can hopefully accumulate value on the land that they own. NFTs have become a very popular part of Bitcoin gaming as they give the user the potential to earn more money as the value of something increases. 

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