Overnight Flight Must Haves To Get You Through The Night

How to sleep well on flights is a timeless problem for many travellers. While some snooze with ease as soon as the doors of the plane close, most others are left in half-conscious discomfort for much of the flight. If you identify with this latter group, then it may be hard to believe that there is any way an overnight flight could be improved.

Fortunately, there are some things you can bring with you to make the trip a bit more bearable. By packing these things and stocking up with the right supplies, you will be able to navigate the midnight skies while maintaining your sanity,  or at least your comfort.

Let’s look at some of the specific overnight flight must-haves to pack to get you through the night.

Empty Bottle

Flying regulations may bar you from having any liquids when you go through security, so be sure to bring an empty refillable water bottle with you on any flight. Having enough water in your system during a flight is essential to feeling OK both throughout the flight and after you land. Dehydration is the cause of most of the unpleasantness during a long flight, so be sure to avoid it at all costs.

Hand Sanitiser/Wipes

With so many people filtering through planes each day, even the cleanest cabins are filled with germs and bacteria. Bringing along some hand sanitiser or some hand wipes to wipe down your armrests or build-in screen is a good way to avoid picking any of these things up. If you want to stay fit after you arrive, then play it safe.


Low blood sugar is the cause of a lot of grief on long overnight flights. While there is usually food available on flights, you can never be sure if it will be enough or if it will suit your tastes. Make it easy and be sure to pack enough small snacks to get you through the night.

Mobile Tablet

Bringing along your tablet loaded up with books or movies is a good plan to keep yourself occupied. Being stuck in a seat can make you stir crazy when you are not properly prepared, so plan out some simple activities like this to stay sane.

Nasal Spray And Chewing Gum

Higher altitudes can wreak havoc on your sinuses. If you frequently get headaches because the dry air and the compressed atmosphere is uncomfortable, then pack some nasal spray. A few quick blasts of that and you should be good to go. Chewing gum is also useful for keeping your ears popped and properly adjusted to the change in altitude.

Sleeping Aids

If you really struggle with sleeping on a flight and you want to get some shut-eye, then be sure to bring some medical sleeping aids along. Supplements are usually a safe way to go and melatonin is a common choice for encouraging natural sleep, even on a plane. Be careful about bringing stronger prescription sleeping aids, however. Be sure to bring along your prescription information and make sure that the drug is legal in the country you plan to visit. Drug laws are not the same all around the world.

Overnight Is Alright

Skimming through this list before you take off on your next overnight flight will help you get through it with ease. Some of these items might seem basic, but the little things make a huge difference when you are crammed into an aeroplane seat. Remember to prepare ahead of time so that you do not forget anything essential.

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