Philip Rodrigs’ Raynar Portfolio Management Invests in Satellite Broadband Provider, BigBlu Broadband

In June 2020, Raynar Portfolio Management (RPM) launched its newest strategy focused on small-cap investment opportunities. The strategy, Raynar Flagship, is managed by RPM founder Philip Rodrigs. Rodrigs, along with Matthew Taylor who leads Raynar Enhanced Porfolio, and Jon Garland, Head of Client Relations, has been thrilled with the level of success RPM has seen since its inception in February. In just seven months, the firm has grown to more than $55m, according to the firm’s strategy factsheets.

The new strategy allows professional investors the opportunity to invest in predominantly U.K. equities focused on the smallest appropriate market cap segments. Raynar Flagship launched in the midst of a global health pandemic and Rodrigs is using his investment expertise to identify certain opportunities that have become attractive during this unprecedented time. 

Leveraging Market Expertise & Analysis During COVID-19

RPM understands market volatility, especially as we have entered economic instability due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rodrigs established Raynar Flagship as an opportunity to work within the lower liquidity area of the market and focus on what he is best known for small-cap investments. One of the major areas of opportunity to Rodrigs was those firms that specialize in, or benefit from, remote work. Firms such as the video conferencing platform LoopUp and broadband provider, BigBlu Broadband have made a name for themselves within Raynar Flagship as combined, they accounted for over 13% of the strategy’s holdings at the end of June. Focused intent on investment opportunities within the remote workspace has contributed to healthy returns so far for RPM’s clients. 

BigBlu Broadband is a perfect example of Rodrigs’ technique. BigBlu Broadband is the number one reseller of satellite broadband services throughout the U.K. and Europe and retains a leading market position in Australia. As organizations and communities worldwide continue to rely on strong internet connections, early investments in BigBlu Broadband simply made sense to Rodrigs in adding to his clients’ portfolios. 

Raynar Flagship also invests in other small-cap opportunities that have proven stable during this time. Other firms include innovative healthcare companies such as Maxcyte and Avacta. While Rodrigs explains that he is not investing in these firms simply because of their relation to the COVID crisis, he shares that the trends that he has seen and sees moving forward provide strong indicators that these are solid portfolio options. 

The Benefits of Starting Fresh

Raynar Portfolio Management has seen initial success during its first seven months of operation. Rodrigs, Taylor, and Garland are seasoned financial industry professionals who believe strongly in providing personalized, ethical service to each client they work with. While the launch of RPM coincided with the dramatic pandemic events, the firm has stayed true to its mission in searching high and low for great investments. 

Raynar Flagship has benefitted greatly from investing in brand new opportunities, a strategy that many established firms may not have been lucky enough to discover. Rodrigs explains that established investment organizations have had to spend time maintaining and redirecting their long-term investments as the markets fluctuated in the early days of the pandemic. Rodrigs and Taylor, on the other hand, have come into the industry with new propositions and fresh eyes. They have been able to take well-calculated risks and benefit from spotting emerging trends. 

Rodrigs is proud of the early success Raynar Portfolio Management has seen and is enthusiastic about the firm’s future and in doing all that he can to ensure his clients are satisfied. 

About Raynar Portfolio Management and Philip Rodrigs

Raynar Portfolio Management (RPM) is a portfolio management firm that specializes in micro-firm investments and embracing a client-first approach. The firm’s mission is to search high and low for great investment opportunities. The firm is dedicated to providing thoughtful, analytical, and ethical investment services to its clients. 

RPM was founded by Philip Rodrigs, an award-winning Chartered Financial Analyst with over two decades of experience in investment management. Rodrigs been named Investment Week U.K. Smaller Companies Manager of the Year in both 2010 and 2011. In 2012, Rodrigs was awarded the prestigious Morningstar’s Outstanding Rising Talent award. Raynar Portfolio Management is led by a team of seasoned financial industry professionals. Raynar Enhanced is the firm’s first-launched strategy, developed and led by Chartered Financial Analyst and qualified Accountant Matthew Taylor. Rodrigs himself leads the firm’s small-cap investment strategy, Raynar Flagship. The team also includes Jon Garland, Head of Client Relations, who is a crucial component in the firm’s client-centered approach to investment.

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