Should You Invest in a BRIC ETF?

BRIC exchange traded funds (ETF’s) are investment choices, which are put in stocks and listed securities in the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. These four economies will have huge growth potential in the upcoming years. ETFs give an investor the opportunity to benefit from the diversification of mutual funds, but with the capability to change like a stock and many shareholders believe that the BRIC countries offer long-term investment prospects and exposure in these four emergent countries.

ETFs are seen as a valuable and rewarding investment, at least in moderation and there are many choices between ETFs. An important characteristic of ETFs is the features that are similar to stocks. Investors can still sell short, buy on margin or use a limit or stop-loss order. Also, there is not a minimum or maximum investment requirement.

Investing in etf BRIC financial systems have been increasing since higher levels of world trade and commerce have taken place. Economic globalization have occurred resulting in Brazil, Russia, India and China enjoying vigorous growth in their gross domestic products over the past few decades. These rates of growth have been more than in the United States and Europe and BRIC ETFs, although they may sometimes carry slightly higher expense ratio, it is more common that they have a lower expense ratio than a comparable mutual fund.

ETFs, which are structured for tax efficiency, can be more significant than mutual funds with lower shareholder related expenses and the ability to save on brokerage costs and fees. ETFs have options. A person can focus on a single country, or the ability to buy one fund that gives exposure to all four BRIC’s.

There are of course risks in these emerging markets. Their unstable political climate, including the corruption concern, changes the process of making investments. There may be a lack of transparency and low productivity that create a challenge.

The concept of risk versus reward needs to be understood. Generally, the higher the risk of an investment the higher return is expected, but whenever money is invested, it may be lost. ETFs in BRIC countries are components of an investment portfolio that should be configured to the investors risk profile. Expecting a return for holding the investment is the basis of speculation, but understanding that you may not get your money back is a good way to determine your amount of risk. Components in your portfolio should be tailored to your risk preference, especially when they include ETFs in BRIC countries.

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