Simple Ways to Expand Your Business Portfolio

Business is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and whale-sized problems that feel like searching the ocean one cup of water at a time for answers. That’s why so many of us in business work towards the end of the year with the promise to look at revitalizing our portfolios in the new year. Sound familiar? Well, surprise. January came and went without so much as a nod of recognition toward your plans – and because somebody somewhere forgot to give February a regular amount of days (silly Romans), March is already in the foyer taking off its coat. Time to get energized and motivated. But how?

What you need is a simple way to expand your business portfolio. We’re not talking about next-level plans to develop an interdimensional space car that’ll pour sand on the best-laid plans of Messrs Musk and Branson. No. We’re talking about actionable business opportunities that you can start today.

Buy an established dot com

It’s that simple. Online businesses start up all the time. Many do reasonably well within the first one to two years. And that’s when many lose focus due to having bags to offer but little in the way of business acumen and leadership. The next question is how do you come out on top? Easy. You need a business mind that you hire and use when buying websites. Get the expert help you need in scrutinizing all available online opportunities for the best possible fit for you and your aims. Mergers and acquisitions happen every day – by this time in the coming weeks you could become the next CEO of the perfect company you didn’t even know existed.  

Become a hired hand in one of your niche interests

The office closes at 5PM. Beyond that point we all become different people. Some of us become Best-Men or Bridesmaids with duties to organize weddings. Some of us hit the gym where the other members know us well and ask us questions about fitness. Others might go home to sit alone at a piano and relax. Whatever your post-5PM calling, you’re probably more skilled and adept at a niche interest than you think. Become a tutor, become an events coordinator, become a personal trainer, become a dog walker, become a gardener – become anything you like. The list of businesses you could realistically start for under $1000 without having to learn a new skill is virtually endless. What have you got in your skills locker?   

Start a blog … fall in love with the word “traffic”

Traffic is almost always an awful part of anybody’s day – except if we’re talking online traffic. Starting a blog can be free, with minimal skills required to click on a few pre-selected thematic and design options. And voila. A blog is born. The first consideration is how to get started. Write about your interests. Recently had a child? There’s a blog in that. Into cars? There’s a blog in that. Love weekend breaks with more countries under your belt than a pilot working extra evenings and weekends? Tell people about it.

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