The Ease of Using eToro

Over the past 20 years, there is a revolution going on as it comes to investing. Typically, the stock market was reserved for the experts that had elite clientele investing substantial amounts of capital. Brokers needed to have physical presence at the stock market to buy and sell stocks, and day-trading was reserved to institutional investors.

Nowadays, retail investors are able to trade online in a more sophisticated fashion with more up-to-date prices, than a broken in the “pit” back in the 1990’s.

Who Should Use eToro?

eToro is truly a wonderful way for consumers to consider because it does not require you to be a financial expert in the stock market. This is an enormous value for consumers to consider because they are able to learn about the stock market responsibly rather than investing a substantial amount of capital without fully knowing the risks associated with the investments that they are making. eToro is a great way to transition into investing for business and/or pleasure for beginners.

eToro has another benefit in that consumers that do not have substantial capital have a great deal of potential to invest responsibility while simultaneously saving on substantial fees that are charged by large financial firms. Many times, the fees that are charged by such institutions do not bring in the requisite return on investment that is worthwhile for the consumer. This is particularly true for the consumer that does not have a substantial amount of capital, nor knowledge or understanding of the market.

The Ease of eToro

eToro has surely been credited with bridging the gap between investors and the stock market. That being said, there is more to the interface of eToro that relates to the intuitive nature of the site. The Newsfeed allows the investor to be made aware of recent market trends that could be beneficial to their overall investment strategy.

The left dashboard possesses a watch list, which allows the new trader to observe the trends of the stocks that they are considering before actually investing. This is quite efficient and combined with the client’s dashboard, the user is able to have a very clear picture of what they want to invest in before they actually decide to do so.

The Benefits of the CopyFunds Feature

(As reported on is something that eToro has created as a service for their customers to enjoy. CopyFunds was designed with the idea of teaching potential investors how to invest successfully on their own by not paying substantial fees for professional brokers to trade for them. The idea behind CopyFunds is to allow investors to learn from more seasoned investors by being able to view their trading patterns.

Through this method, prospective investors will be able to ascertain how to make sound investments in their financial transactions.

CopyFunds is truly a remarkable product that has an ideal teaching component to it. eToro has really cornered a sector of the market with this feature to their website because it allows the “curious investor” to be able to formally learn about the serve that they may in fact be investing in. What will transpire as a result of CopyFunds is that the “curious investor” will then be potentially turned into an informed investor for the stock market, which will allow them to learn the art of making successful gains in the stock market.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

eToro is a revolutionary platform that provides a major service to their customers. What eToro has essentially done is that they have made the elusive stock market understandable to an individual who may not have studied finance in their schooling. What this creates is the potential for the previously unskilled investor to learn a great deal about how the stock market works and how they an independently make a plethora of money off of the stock market.

One of the most useful products that eToro has brought to the marketplace is CopyFunds because it allows a rather new investor that has not dabbled in the stock market previously, the potential to not only learn how to do well in the stock market, but to also learn how to be a self sufficient investor.

It will be a delight to see how eToro can further increase the proximity between the green investor and the stock market in the years to come. Due to the fact that eToro has already achieved a great deal in this regard, it is highly likely that they will be able to enhance their already successful business model with ease and precision.

This material does not constitute as an investing advice. Although eToro’s platform is easy to use even by novice traders, it does not mean this is the best way to invest one’s money. Forex is highly volatile – any money invested into a trading account may be vaporized, beware.

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