The Essential Credit Repair Handbook Review


The subtitle of The Essential Credit Repair Handbook is “A Quick and Handy Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Get and Stay Out of Debt.” This is a concise description of what author Deborah McNaughton attempts to provide in this book. Tools are included for rebuilding the credit report, avoiding debt, and budgeting money. A focus on the future is taken, with advice about how to plan for the future, even one that is characterized by foreclosure or bankruptcy. The step-by-step approach taken by this guide is intended to help anyone saddled with debt free him or herself of this burden and repair the credit score.

Those who are coming out of short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other financial hardship that affects credit are the intended audience. Guidance is provided on how to dispute a late payment, chargeoff, or collection account. The latest credit card regulations and laws are included to help consumers understand this sector. Readers are given steps to rebuild their lives following a financial blow like a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy. McNaughton explains how to establish new financial goals and re-establish credit in spite of having a poor credit report.

The author is a renknowned financial coach and credit expert. She has over 26 years of experience in the field and founded Professional Credit Counselors, Inc., a credit counseling organization that specializes in credit repair, financial education, budgeting, and debt-related issues. McNaughton previously authored several books on the topic of personal finance. She has appeared on Bloomberg, CNN, and other television stations across the country.


Anyone who is interested in re-establishing or rebuilding his or her credit will find The Essential Credit Repair Handbook an invaluable guidebook. It is easy to use and takes a systematic approach to leaving debt behind for good and repairing the credit report. Whether the reader is faced with late payments, bankruptcy, or anything in between, he or she will find this guide helpful. Those who already have credit blemishes learn proven ways to re-establish their credit and create new financial goals to prevent the situation from reoccurring.

With over 26 years of experience under her belt, McNaughton is considered a credit expert. Even debt-resolution attorneys consider her book invaluable when it comes to credit. What most people in debt need is assistance regarding credit repair and financial budgeting. This book provides it in great detail but in a format that is both easy to read and implement. Credit card laws seem to be constantly changing but McNaughton breaks them down and conveys the details in a way that any reader can understand.

Some people think that once their credit is tarnished, there is no recovery. McNaughton knows this is untrue and she shows readers the best way to re-establish good credit that has gone bad. After reading this book, individuals will know how to dispute late payments, items in chargeoff status, and even collection accounts. They will also be able to rebuild their lives following a major financial event like a bankruptcy.

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