The Technicalities of Vacation Rental Cleaning

If you’ve traveled anywhere in the past decade (excluding the last year and a half), chances are that you considered your accommodation options. Thanks to the development of technology and the gig (sharing) economy, travelers can find accommodation not only in hotels, but also via numerous apps such as Airbnb, Vrbo and more.

However, have you ever thought about how these accommodations are cleaned? We reached out to an in-demand vacation rental cleaning company MaidThis of Myrtle Beach. They gave us an amazing insight into how this industry operates and why it is vital for the continuation of the cheap and comfortable travel we’re all pretty much used to.

Cleaning Materials and Equipment Necessary

As with most other industries, house cleaning and vacation rental cleaning do have their own specific equipment and materials you can’t do without. Apart from the things you would expect – things like a dustpan and broom, a mop and bucket, and things like gloves, trash bags and cloths – you will need more specific equipment.

Most expert cleaners have their own vacuum cleaners with special extensions for different purposes, as well as steam cleaners for those stains that require a bit more effort to clean. However, not all equipment professional cleaners use is so specialized. For instance, using a squeegee to clean large surfaces quickly and effectively is a little secret that vacation rental maids love to use. Don’t compromise on the quality while speeding things up – perfect for this dynamic industry.

Why the Vacation Rental Needs to Be Cleaned Each Time

Even though you may not think it, every good Airbnb host is required to clean all of the areas that are rented between guests. That means that there is a list of things that ought to be cleaned even if the previous guest didn’t leave a mess.

First and foremost, all of the bedding and towels need to be replaced and washed. Even if it doesn’t look like they’ve been used, for sanitary reasons, especially during the pandemic, this is one of the most important requirements.

Universal Cleaning for All Rooms

Following the very specific bedding and towels requirements, there are certain cleaning tasks which apply to pretty much all of the areas of the house. For instance, all of the areas need to be dusted and disinfected, and all of the floors are vacuumed or mopped, depending on the flooring surface.

In order to keep the house safe for the next visitor, particular attention is paid to disinfecting highly used items, such as doorknobs and light fixtures.

Specific Cleaning Requirements

On the other hand, there are parts of the house which may require more specific cleaning are the kitchen and the bathroom. When it comes to kitchens, the cleaner needs to ensure that all of the appliances are clean and odor-free, as well as that all of the dishes are clean and in their places.

Bathrooms are generally easy to clean, but they require a meticulous cleaner due to the nature of the room. The most important thing with bathrooms is ensuring that all of the surfaces are disinfected and well rinsed of the chemicals used.

Why Most Vacation Rental Providers Use Professional Cleaning Services

The simple answer is convenience. Professional vacation rental cleaning services tend not to be overly expensive. And they do provide a valuable service saving rental hosts a lot of time – generally two to three hours per unit.

This service gives rental owners the freedom not to be personally present at the rental unit every day – which is something most business operators know to appreciate.

Now that you know a bit more about what it takes to keep your Airbnb unit clean and safe, you might have a new appreciation of the complexity of the whole vacation rental ecosystem.

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