Where Are The Best Locations In Singapore For Serviced Offices?

Singapore is well-known for being a major international trade and commerce hub. If you are seeking to expand your business to overseas markets and need a base of operations in the country, then it is worthwhile to spend some serious time thinking about an ideal location. With so many locations to choose from, however, it can be tricky to know where is best for your business.

One great way of finding out which locations are best for the needs of your company is to look at where premium providers of serviced office space offer their services. You might start by looking into well-known commercial areas such as Raffles Place, though there are many options for those who want something specific to their industry.

To give you some insight into the most notable business districts in the country, let’s look at the best locations in Singapore for serviced offices.

Raffles Place

At the top of this list is Raffles Place and for good reason. Raffles Place is the premier business district of Singapore given that it is the home to the country’s stock exchange. Here, you will find many businesses that are embedded in the financial services sector as well as numerous banks and professional services.

With so much activity taking place here each day, the area is also easily accessible using a variety of transportation methods. If you live outside of the central business district core, you will find these services useful when making your commute each day.

Marina Bay

The Marina Bay Financial Centre offers great views of the water and has been designed specifically with the needs of international business in mind. As one of the hubs of the world financial system, the bustling activity of this building will inspire you to reach your peak potential as a business. Many multinational corporations fill the offices of its floors including American Express, Barclays, and Nomura Singapore.

With a mix of residential and commercial buildings in the area, you will also be able to find personal real estate nearby. Conveniently, there are many entertainment facilities and restaurants in the Marina Bay area that can serve as meeting points if you need to network with other Singaporean business contacts.

Suntec City

The Suntec City district of Singapore is in the downtown core of the city and is zoned for mixed-use. With numerous office towers housing some of the most important commercial enterprises in the world, you will find yourself at home if your business is in the technology sector. With the area also boasting one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls, you can enjoy your meetings with potential clients and customers in this venue.

There are also numerous ways to access Suntec City including the Promenade Circle line train. It is also in proximity to Changi International Airport which can be convenient if you frequently meet with international clients or VIPs.

More Of Singapore To Explore

As a highly developed economic power, Singapore is consistently rated highly on many “friendliness of doing business” indices. What it lacks in natural resources, it has more than made up for in terms of openness to trade and providing optimal conditions for emerging entrepreneurs.
These are only three of the many options for serviced office locations in Singapore. Conducting your own research on some of the industry-specific districts that can best suit the needs of your business is important. However, sticking with areas that are favoured by premium providers of serviced office space will help you narrow down the options and find one that is ideal for your company.

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