Carnival of Personal Finance #95

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Self Employed Retirement Savings – Your Options Debt Free Being self employed affords you some advantages not enjoyed by the average person.
Who Pays for Credit Card Rewards and Rebates? The Finance Buff The rewards and rebates from credit cards are not free lunch. There is no free lunch.
What does 23 cents buy? Cents You Asked I do agree that there is probably a reason that, in general, men make more than women.
Risks of retiring early Living Almost Large People think the biggest risk of retiring early is running out of money. The single biggest risk I see of retiring early is not having medical insurance.
Right Turn, Right Idea Around the Sun UPS knows that left turns take more time and fuel than right turns, due to waiting at stop lights.
Money Lessons: High Yielding Bank Accounts Endless Gibberish I feel credit cards are a great financial tool when used right.
Form 1040 Blues Mad Kane’s Humor Blog There’s a tax form that makes me irate: Form 1040, a long form I hate…
Atheists Should Tithe Plonkee Money There is a general reason why everyone should give some of their wealth or income away, regardless of their position on God(s).
American Express Black Centurion Card – Value or Ultimate Status Symbol Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog This card obviously comes with tons of extra perks. So here is the long list.

7 Tips On Claiming Your Tax Deductions for Business and Charitable Contributions
The Digerati Life The tax situation for us last year is looking a little complicated, thanks to a combination of life events, business moves and tax law changes that have just recently come up.
10 Tips On How To Master Your Saving Skills Money Walks Follow these simple steps and watch your savings account grow.
Full Disclosure InsureBlog One problem consumers have is that there’s a basic disconnect in how much they are charged for a given service as opposed to how much the insurance company allows, and how much they actually pay.
Graduated? Now what do you do about your finances? My Mint You’re all done with college, you got your BS or BA and you’re now ready to begin a life of being a different type of drone.
It’s Time to Drop Your Financial Advisor When… Money and Such Personal finance can be a little too serious at times – so I decided to start new series of posts called Funny Money.
Save for tomorrow – but don’t forget to live today My Financial Journey It’s a fine line between saving for better things tomorrow, and enjoying your life today. Tomorrow may never come and so be careful you don’t sacrifice too much now for something that may or may not happen in the future.
Maximizing Your Trading Years Breaking the Shackles of the 9 to 5 So, if you buy into Wall Street’s buy and hold mantra and time it right at the end of 35 years you will have absolutely nothing to show for your efforts.
Connecting Bottoms of S&P 500 The Real Returns Based on this calculation if we were to hit real hard bottom in 2007, the S&P 500 would decline to about 1100, which is somewhere around 20% below today’s level.
Cheaper Isn’t Always Better Frugal Zeitgeist Every time you choose between a variety of products or services, you’re making a trade-off between price and a variety of perceived outcomes.
The End of Affirmative Action Stingy Students Affirmative action is holding back minorities much like wealthy parents who give their adult children financial outpatient care.
Why didn’t I buy more house?! Mighty Bargain Hunter The banks are starting to lose big time on defaults now that price appreciation has slowed or reversed.
The Law of Attraction + Pursuit of Happyness = Realizing Your Dreams Money Smart Life So go ahead, picture what you want most in life but don’t stop there. Strive to achieve your dreams with unfettered determination and enthusiasm.
How to Save at Home While You’re Away Money for the Rest of Us While you’re traveling, you’re also spending money at home. You’re still paying your rent/mortgage, electricity, gas, and more. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to cut down on at home expenses while you’re away.
What if I didn’t drive my car everyday? Blunt Money The only real downside to not driving my car is that I might sometimes be hot or cold.
6 Things You Should Never Buy New The Frugal Law Student Being frugal doesn’t mean you have to give up the niceties in life, you just have to be more creative in acquiring them.
Don’t Worry About Geopolitical Events My Retirement Blog There’s no sense in worrying about the things you can’t control such as what’s going to happen with Iran because you can’t control them.

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