Spot Bluff & Lies on Resume: Hiring Tips for Start-Ups

If we go way back, it is no news that resumes have been a game-changer, especially when it comes to sending resumes online. Compiling all of one’s work experience and skills on a document felt like the easiest way to go about the recruitment process.  Until the talk about forging resumes came along. According to a report by CNBC, about 75% of recruiters have found blatant lies on resumes. The number is so evidently large, and while it is unethical, applicants find it easier to lie o...
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How to Improve User Experience on Your Business Website

Improving the quality of user experience on your business website can offer a range of benefits, from increasing your sales to boosting your search engine ranking. User experience is a holistic term that encompasses many different processes and focuses. This means that improving user experience can seem like a complex and costly endeavor, but it doesn't have to be. Having an awareness of the most influential factors will enable you to focus your efforts to effectively improve the quality of...
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A Distinctive Overview on How A Pay Stub Generator Works

Every year, businesses and employees undergo a hassling tax season. The season requires companies and employees to file their taxes. However, very few people organize their documentation, hence experiencing panic and unnecessary hassles. That's why introducing pay stubs helps smoothen the tax season for your business and employees.  This article will help you garner a comprehensive overview of pay stub generators and how they work. What Is a Pay stub Generator? Before defining...
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Getting The Right Credit Card Reader For Your Small Business

credit card reader
Making it as easy for your customers to pay you is good for business. The simpler you make the transaction for them the more likely it is that they will buy from you again. In 2017, 74% of transactions were carried out using debit or credit cards. Today, that figure is certainly higher. Hygiene concerns surrounding CoVid have caused consumers to increasingly turn away from using cash. So, if you have not yet acquired a credit card reader for your small business it is well worth your whil...
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Increasing Your Business Revenue

Increasing your business revenue
When you have your own trade or business, you want to increase your revenue as much as possible. This might be so that you can expand the business itself, to raise staff wages, or invest and watch your money grow.  To be able to accomplish this, you need to first consider the means in which you plan to increase that revenue. This might mean making alterations to your business itself, or the practices you use. Rather than simply pushing ahead with trying to earn more, it can be a goo...
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Practical Reasons to Get a Business Credit Card

Reasons to get a business credit card
Whether you are contemplating starting a new venture or have an established one, business credit cards can prove to be a valuable tool in accessing capital for your business and managing the cash flow. They can be useful in a financial pinch when there is not enough cash available to make payments or cover unexpected expenses. So what are some other practical reasons and benefits of getting a business credit card? Let’s find out. Provides Instant Funding Being a business owner entails...
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Discover How BOM Management Can Help You Achieve an Effortless Purchasing Process

As a business faced with growing numbers and growing responsibilities, the pressure is on to create a seamless and effective procurement process. When there are issues within your supply chain your whole business will start to suffer so taking control of your BOM and bringing it into the 21st century will not only benefit your OEM and those on the procurement team, but your operation as a whole will enjoy a streamlined and highly efficient process.  By adopting a digitized, expert a...
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Top Reasons to Outsource

reasons to outsource
Businesses of all varieties decide that they should outsource certain services, whether this is on a short- or a long-term basis. What are the main reasons for doing this and what advantages can they expect to receive by doing so? Well, the following blog post aims to answer these questions by looking closer at the top reasons to outsource specific services.  To Lower Costs  One of the most obvious reasons why business owners decide to outsource certain services is the reduc...
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Improving Your Workforce

improving your workforce
Having success within your company does not simply depend on products and customer satisfaction. It may also involve improving the knowledge and skill set of those who work there. This can be completed in a number of ways. On top of this, you may also find that listening to your employees regarding the types of training and personal development they would like to see, can help to boost employee morale and, therefore, productivity.  LMS The usage of an LMS system can benefit you g...
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Rise of the Online Influencer – Strong Reasons Why DAM Can Take Your Brand Further

online influencer
Most online influencers have humble beginnings, they start off at home, chatting away awkwardly to a camera, going through their latest shopping haul, explaining their workout progress, or delving into the trials and tribulations of being a parent. Most wannabes fall at the wayside, but for some, their follow-ship continues to grow and what was once a simple hobby, rapidly turns into a full-blown career.  As an influencer, you’re not just an individual sharing certain aspects of you...
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