Choosing The Right Career In Finance

Everyone has different personality types. Surprisingly, these personality types direct which type of careers are best for you. If you have taken a reliable personality assessment and you have discovered that careers in finance are best suited for you it is time to do your research. There are a number of different finance careers ranging in pay and responsibilities. The good thing is that typically online business degree programs or a business degree in general can help get you a finance job. Some jobs in finance deal directly with the public while other financial jobs are behind the scenes. Some careers in finance require a degree while others require vocational training or a certificate. For example, those who are interested in the growing field of claims processing would become certified by taking a medical billing training course. If you want to find the career that is right for you, understand which careers in finance are meant for your personality type and your interests and pursue something you love to do.

Investment Banking Jobs

Investment banking jobs are not for everyone. If you are the type of person that is capable of dealing with the ups and the downs of the market, investment banking could be right for you. These fast-paced jobs are very competitive and very lucrative. If you are looking for growth opportunities, investment banking jobs could be a great match. The ideal investment banker works well under stressful situations. With the right drive, personality, and skills, you can train to become an experienced investment banker capable of making educated decisions. Investment bankers need to be analytical and logical in their decisions. Investing banking can be extremely intense. If you are willing to work hard to earn a great income, this could be a great field for you.

Corporate Finance Jobs

If investment banking sounds a bit too risky for you, consider the benefits of working in corporate finance. Corporate finance jobs are designed for individuals that are resourceful, numbers oriented, and organized. The purpose of corporate finance specialists is to find money to operate the business. Most multinational corporations have a need for talented corporate finance specialists. The financial future of the company relies on the expertise of the corporate finance department. Financial officers need to have knowledge in regulatory laws and liquidity. Officers will need to design, implement, and monitor financial policies of the corporation. Once these policies are designed, they will need to plan and execute a financing program. During this program, cash resources are managed to ensure the company is profitable and stable.

Unlike investment banking jobs, corporate careers in finance are extremely stable if you work for the right corporation. Corporate financing jobs do not rely on sales or the investment market. The key to becoming an asset in corporate finance is learning how to make your company successful long-term. Some argue that corporate finance jobs are the most desirable for individuals who prefer a set schedule and a regular income. If you are good at problem-solving and are not afraid of ambiguity, consider the benefits of becoming a corporate finance officer.

Financial Planning Careers in Finance

Financial planning careers are great for individuals who want to help people plan their financial future. The primary responsibility of a financial planner is to help private investors plan for retirement by creating a reasonable financial plan. Not all financial planning has to deal with retirement. You can also help people plan to save for college, buying a home, or buying an investment property for residual income. Financial planning is a rewarding career for people with interpersonal skills. If you get energy from being around people and helping people, you are an extrovert. The best financial planners are extroverts because they enjoy working with the community and seeing the results of their hard work.

The best financial planners will have people skills, communication skills, ability to synthesize, and initiative. If you want to become a financial planner, you should pursue a college degree in a business related major. Once you have a degree, you can decide if you want to work for a company or for yourself. When you work for a company, you have peace of mind in knowing the employer has a set book-of-business. If you work for yourself, you can set your own per-hour fee but you will have to build your business.

Commercial Banking Careers in Finance

Commercial banking is a growing sector that has not been consolidated over the years. Commercial banking associates provide banking services to small businesses and large organizations. If you want the opportunity to learn about business and you enjoy working with people, consider the benefits of becoming a commercial banker. Commercial banks are very diverse environments that require individuals who are not scared of change. When you apply for a commercial banking position with no experience, you may start out as a teller and move up to an international finance specialist in a matter of months. If you can prove yourself, you can advance rather quickly in these careers in finance.

In this capitalistic society, careers in finance will always exist. Some finance careers are very risky while others are stable. You will need to weight the pros and cons of each career to make the best decision. When you find a job you love to do, you will never feel like you are at work. Take time to sit down and review the responsibilities of each position and the income potential. Once you select the right career, make a plan to get the training you need to become an asset. Choose careers in finance that match your personality and your inherent skills and you will be happy with what you do.

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  1. Nice, short article but i wish you expanded into Mergers and Acquisitions, Quants, trading (bond, etc). Also, government vs private finance jobs is an extensive topic. Since the finance world is huge and complex, it will probably take 2 pages to fill.

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