January 2019 Net Worth – $809,861

Every month I post my updated net worth for those that are interested in following my progress. I have been tracking my net worth online since January 2006. I look forward to compiling the numbers each month, and doing so keeps me motivated, focused, and accountable.

Well, it was a big rebound from the big loss we experienced in December, but there is still a ways to go to get back to the high we set in September. All changes are pretty much due to market volatility as we have just stuck with the same plan.

2 thoughts on “January 2019 Net Worth – $809,861

  1. Hey Clint. I’ve been visiting your site occasionally since early 2010. When you inspired me to track my own net worth on a monthly basis. I started my tracking in March 2010 — since then you went from $146k to $809k, I went from $399k to $998k. Clearly you’ve done better than I have. However, that is tempered some by the fact I retired two years ago. And considering I was contributing the legal maximum to my 401k and Roth IRA before being laid off, I’d probably be close to $1.1m or better by now. Anyway, “hi” and thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Ray,

    That’s awesome that you’ve been following along for so long! It’s kind of wild to think that I have been posting for that long. Congratulations on your success and enjoy your retirement. I’ll do my best to catch up.

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