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An entrepreneur or resourceful individual knows that there are all sorts of ways to make cash. If the person is not an entrepreneur, but find themselves with their backs against the wall so to speak, will suddenly learn to become resourceful. Making money does not have to be done illegally without a job. It only requires a bit of forethought and research. The forethought is to determine the skill set of the person in need of money. The research will determine where the need is.

The skill set could be cutting grass or the ability to organize. A teen that is trustworthy and good with kids will make a great sitter for date night for mom and dad. An elderly neighbor may not be able to afford professional lawn services. Adults can perform these services as well. Many people pride themselves in being able to do a thorough cleaning job while others have a way with organizing closet space. The need does not have to be domesticated.

If a car is the only tool available, there are many people who need transportation to the store or doctors office. Others need administrative help, while yet another group of people may not be as computer literate as the person looking to make cash. The ideas can become endless. That is why forethought is necessary. An unusual service might come to mind that only a hand full of people in a given region even thought of.

There are people who pay for another person’s knowledge everyday. The challenge is thinking of a way to market it. When thoughts start to flow, it suddenly occurs to the ponderer that this is how professionals with college degrees make their money. So if there is something that was learned as a result of repetition, it is marketable because the repetition generated efficiency and skill in that area.

Sometimes it takes money to make it, but here is where being resourceful comes in handy yet again. Craigslist is a forum that allows free advertisement. The tried and true flyers is another way to get the message out. Word of mouth is said to make up 70% of business for some. It may take a couple of months to build a pipeline, but if the idea is to make consistent cash, the two month investment is worth the time an effort. For more immediate cash needs there is someone somewhere will to pay a couple of dollars for assistance in something.

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  1. Nice post to get people thinking about the possible ways people could make some extra money, especially in this tight times. I have found some success with sharing and selling knowledge. Everyone seems to have some specialized knowledge that positions them as some what of an expert (knowing more then most) in a field. With the Internet it’s easier then ever to share that knowledge and make some additional income from it.

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