Make Temporary Part-Time Jobs Work for You

For one reason or another, you’ve suddenly found yourself needing a little extra cash. Maybe you have fallen into a bad debt situation. Or maybe you’re facing an inevitable change in your
life, like a new baby or a move across the country. Or maybe you’d just like to save up for a nice vacation or some other treat for yourself. You obviously have many options to help you reach
this new financial goal, but did you ever think that working another part-time job on top of your standard job could be a worthwhile opportunity? If all the factors are right, then maybe you
should consider this option.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that part-time work is a viable way of dealing with serious financial troubles. If anything, it could just land you in more hot water because it adds more
complication to the problem. It could really just be a bandage to protect the wound, rather than healing the issue at its core. So you should be careful and really evaluate whether or not an extra job is the right thing for you.

What I’m suggesting, rather, is this: if you think you’re able to deal with a few months of additional sacrifice in order to reach your financial goals, then having an extra job could work
as a temporary way to earn a little more money, especially if combined with other money-saving strategies. For some, this could be a great way to make use of extra time.

Still interested? If so, think about your next step. There are many great ways to pick up a little extra cash in a part-time job, and they don’t have to be painful. Figure out what jobs, subjects, and activities you’re interested in and then see if you can find any part-time opportunities that match those. You’ll want to find a job that is relatively easy and interesting to you, because you’ll have to be able to cheerfully go to work in the evening or on the weekend. If you like books, try working at a used bookstore. If you love children, look up local tutoring centers. If you’re good at computers and gadgets, try working as a sales associate at a computer store. The goal is that you enjoy the part-time work.

Once you find a job, set a limit to your schedule and your commitment. Calculate the amount of money you need to make, then calculate how many hours you’ll need to work each week to reach your goal. Then set boundaries. After all, this is a part-time job, so you don’t want to over commit. Many employers will have a minimum that they’ll want you to work each week. For example, a tutoring center I once worked at required teachers to be available one evening each week and two weekends per month. It is important to remember that this part-time job is a means of making more money. Even though your new employer might try to convince you and the rest of your team otherwise, you don’t need to feel committed to this job. As bad as that may sound, you should only view it in terms of its short-term usefulness to your financial situation. The important thing is to not get caught up in the second job; be sure to compartmentalize your life in this respect.

That way, when the time comes to quit, you can do so with a good conscience. You’ll be able to walk in and give the manager your two-week’s notice without worrying, just as you would cash
in a short term savings account. If you think of your part-time job as a simple investment, then you’ll have a much better time working through the sometimes tough extra hours each week.

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