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Social Security Insurance is a program that offers benefits to many Americans. By financially contributing to the structure throughout your career, you can receive benefits such as disability, retirement or death. Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance or OASDI is the framework of the Social Security Insurance. Millions of people are part of this system including old retirees together with their dependents, disabled employees as well as survivors of deceased workers. Millions of children are also getting benefits from OASDI.

In the United States, almost all workers are obliged to contribute to the Social Security Insurance program. Citizens with legal alien condition who contribute for ten years are qualified to receive pension benefits in the event that they reach age retirement. Certain employment credits are required to be able to get disability and survivor benefits. A person must have a terminal condition and earn lower than $810 in a month to be able to be eligible as a disabled beneficiary.

The contribution history of a person is taken into consideration for the children, parents or spouse to qualify for security benefits. If a worker is retires, happens to be disabled or dies, the benefits go to children under the age of eighteen who are not married, spouses with young children or elderly spouses. If old parents are dependent on the deceased worker financially, they are qualified to survivorship benefits.

Many people who suffer from disability are faced with physical, emotional and financial problems. Not being able to work because of disability is a difficult situation to get into and supporting a family becomes a huge dilemma. Social Security Disability Benefits is a good option for workers with disability wherein they can bet financial assistance. Social Security Disability Benefits has two types, which include Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI and Supplemental Security Income or SSI.

Social Security taxes from workers finance Social Security Disability Insurance program. Disabled widows and widowers, disabled workers and adults who suffer disability from childhood are qualified to receive benefits from SSDI. The Social Security contribution of the insured worker is the basis of the monthly compensation.

On the other hand, general tax revenues fund Supplemental Security Income. SSI is a type of a welfare program is given to those who can meet the living arrangement and the resource and income requirements. Children and disabled adults are entitled to get SSI benefits. Each State has different amount for monthly SSI payments. For instance, the State of Virginia has $904 maximum SSI amount for a couple and $603 for an individual. In Virginia, a person who has never experience being employed or paid taxes are still qualified to receive Supplemental Security Benefits.

It is necessary to go to the local Social Security Office in the event that a person suffers from injury or disability and can no longer work. To be able to receive benefits, the incapability to work should be at least for a year, or death. Once the application is completed, it is passed and assessed by a Disability Evaluation Specialist in Disability Determination Office.

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  1. I am a 59 year old female resident of Frankfort, IN. I have a college degree in Secretarial Business. Due to the economy especially in this area, there are no positions available in my field. The only ads in the want ads are for truck drivers. I have no experience in this area. I am limited in what I can do concerning a job. I suffer from depression, arthritis in my legs and knees and cannot stand for any length of time. I have migraines and severe panic disorder. I have no funds to re-educate myself in any other field. My grades put me at 3.9 GPA. I would love to put my skills to work, but it isn’t possible at this time. No jobs available and I am without insurance and my husband’s SS check does not cover our daily expenses. I am at a loss what to do. I have applied for Social Security disabily insurance and been denied. My last resort is to contact a lawyer who specializes in this field. I have no other choice. My husband is almost 70 and if I lost him, I would lose our home and everything in it. I have four children and 10 grandchildren. We are struggling to pay our utilities and house payment. Please advise and help us or direct us to someone who can…

    Penny L. Zink

  2. I have recently found out that based on Social Security’s definition of disability a person must have a general health condition that is really serious and prevents him/her from involving in any substantial gainful employment. Social Security does not grant short term benefits, so in order to qualify, a disability must be expected to last for one year or eventually result in death. To make sure that a claimant’s application is valid, the SSA requires documentary proofs such as medical and employment records, birth/baptismal certificate, laboratory results, latest tax certificate and other documents that will add merits to the claim. It is also vital to complete all these documents to avoid denial upon initial application.

  3. I get 410.00 per month s.s., I get 75.00 from s.s.d.i . I would like to know how I am only getting this much?,and and why? I am paying back money over payed me in 2006. I would like to know how you can take money already owed me , I am suppose to get January’s money in February, how do I owe if that is the way you pay?

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