UFX Bank Review – A Top-Tier Forex Brokerage?

UFX Bank is a top-tier online Forex broker services firm. The firm trades commodities in addition to more than 40 currency pairs. Superb customer support is offered for an unparalleled 24 hours a day. UFX Bank’s platform offers a generous number of features and trading tools, and with a low minimum deposit of only $100, UFX Bank is extraordinarily friendly to beginners and modest budgets. UFX Bank is clearly a frontrunner choice of broker for the savvy Forex trader.

UFX Bank is backed by its team of finance professionals, boasting of over 50 combined years of experience in the industry. Based in the UK, UFX Bank uses the eminently reliable ParagronEx browser-based trading platform, allowing users to trade from anywhere in the world they have access to an Internet connection. Traders benefit from UFX Bank’s rapidly updated charts and feeds, offering clients the real-time information they need to trade in Forex profitably.

Beginners can view Forex tutorials through the UFX Bank website, and active traders can enjoy the website’s full offering of daily outlook videos and market updates, strategies and tactical tips, and even trade recommendations. The UFX website has something for traders at every experience level. Real-time market alerts and signals, among other choice information, is sent by SMS to gold and platinum clients on a regular basis.

Just a slice of the benefits offered by UFX Bank brokerage services:

• No commissions or fees
• $100 minimum deposit
• Fixed market spreads
• Commodities trading
• Over forty currency pairs
• Binary options trading
• Remote one-on-one assistance
• Personal coaching through initial trades
• Useful tools that include daily market updates, trading tips, and market reports and signals
• Real-time signals and market alerts via text message (SMS)
• A trading platform that is browser-based
• Wide selection of payment options – fees, commissions, and fixed market spreads
• Sophisticated site security

The “spread” is the difference between the buying and selling price of a given exchange. Because UFX Bank profits on the spread, the brokerage is able to offer a commission-free, fee-free platform to their clients. Using a fixed spread allows clients to make quick trading decisions with predictable results – no complicated calculations are necessary to decide whether a trade will be profitable. If the spread on a currency pair is three pips, then three pips is what a client will pay on a trade of that pair.

Trading Options

UFX Bank chose its currency pairs carefully. At just over 40 pairs, clients can be assured that a choice pair can be found without wading through an unnecessary number of obscure currencies. The pairs UFX Bank has chosen have sufficient information to mitigate risk and facilitate trade.

Some traders may have more interest in commodities. The tremendous price swings in commodities like oil and gold in recent years have made commodities an attractive alternative for investors. UFX Bank offers its clients the opportunity to cash in on these fluctuations by using its platform to trade in the hottest commodities in addition to, or instead of, the Forex markets.

UFX Bank strives to differentiate itself from other brokerages by also offering binary options trading. High returns can be achieved by taking over-under positions within a specific time frame. Binary options offer an all-or-nothing type of return, hence the term “binary.”

Low Minimum Deposit

Traders that are just beginning to get their feet wet in the world of Forex, traders on a low budget, or traders simply looking to participate in the currency exchange markets without risking significant amounts of capital can all appreciate the minimum investment threshold at UFX Bank. While only $100 limits the potential profits of Forex trade, such a low investment allows a trader to experience risk in a way the demo platform (also offered by UFX) cannot.

Personal Coaching and Remote Assistance

One of the unique offerings of UFX Bank is the coaching and assistance UFX staffers can provide – right on the client’s desktop computer. Beginners are walked through the process of their first trades by a personal coach that will demonstrate the platform and its proper use. This dedicated support typifies the service that UFX Bank provides its clients.

SMS Signals and Alerts

It is worth reiterating that UFX Bank provides the most useful information and tools to its clients: in addition to the one-on-one assistance of experts discussed earlier, the website features market updates, outlooks, and recommendations on a daily basis; Forex analysis, with both technical and fundamental approaches; and charts, graphs, and similarly indispensable data. UFX Bank offers the same support information as any other broker, and UFX strives to make its analysis accessible to users of any experience level. Advanced traders can expect more in-depth and prompt information via SMS text, such as market signals and real-time market alerts. These alerts keep advanced traders informed about the market when they cannot be logged on to the trading platform.

Trading Platform

UFX Bank uses the ParagonEX trading platform – and with good reason. The web-based platform offers the flexibility of access anywhere a trader can connect to the Internet, and its reliability and advanced features are bar none. The downloadable client used by other brokerages limits the usefulness and flexibility of the trading platform, which is why UFX Bank relies instead on ParagonEX. UFX Bank can be as flexible as its clients are.

Security Features

Forex and commodities have enough risk without adding the risk of exposing personal information to outsiders through the Internet. UFX Bank relies on the 128-bit secure socket layer encryption system that is the industry standard, reinforced by multiple remote backups in heavily guarded facilities. Wire access is protected by a complex series of firewalls to ensure the safety of all account information.


The array of choices in brokerages can make the selection of a broker a serious burden on the aspiring trader. The breadth and depth of services offered by UFX Bank reduces that burden. UFX offers what is arguably the single most competitive service in the market. Most brokerages have higher minimums or fewer services; UFX, seemingly, simply has it all. The value is unparalleled. For the trader that has been comparing dozens of firms for the hands-down best service on the market, the choice is clear.

3 thoughts on “UFX Bank Review – A Top-Tier Forex Brokerage?

  1. UFX Bank is a great place to start for people looking to learn about any form of financial trading from currency market trading to commodities trading to stock indices. This is because UFX provides an abundance of forex news and analysis and forex charts and graphs in order to help decipher the sometimes seemingly confusing world of financial trading. One of the unique offerings of UFX Bank is the coaching and assistance. Beginners are walked through the process of their first trades by a personal coach that will demonstrate the platform and its proper use. This dedicated support typifies the service that UFX Bank provides its clients

  2. UFX Bank provides remote assistance and personal coaching. This could be the main feature that distinguishes UFX Bank’s unique approach to helping traders understand their trading platform. UFX Bank put their client first throughout their trading experience. Whether it is through daily market updates, sent every morning, or insightful Daily Outlook Videos, with trading tips updated on site daily, they also put their client in the center of the trading software. Upon your first trading experience you will encounter an ease of trade never experienced before.

  3. Perhaps the most important aspect of UFX Bank as a broker is that it is catering to clients not as input providers to a software platform, but as real individuals with different experiences and expectations in trading. Clients are free to place their orders through UFX Bank’s competent traders each of whom is “a real trading expert who guides each trader through the trading process”. Thus, if you have questions, complaints, opinions about any aspect of currency trading, UFX Bank’s dealers will consider and clarify each one of them for you in order to create the ideal trade for your demands. In an age where trading is becoming more and more automated and impersonal, UFX Bank is creating a unique and innovative service for the client, going far beyond being a mere supplier of numbers and charts to an automated platform.

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