Jeffries Expands: What Does This Mean for Them?

The global economy has been struggling for some time, with most sectors seeing substantial stagnation and/or contraction. As a result, investment has dried up in a large number of industries and nations. That’s why when an investment bank decides to expand despite this sluggish period, it gets some attention.

In June of 2012, Jefferies Group, Inc. officially announced its intention to expand its operations into Canada. To accomplish this, the company hired Steven Latimer to be Jefferies’s Managing Director and Continue article...

Will Procter & Gamble Continue to Raise its Dividend?

Procter & Gamble Company, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been making high-quality consumer goods for almost 175 years. There’s an excellent chance that you are a longtime user of one if its many products. With familiar brands like Pampers, Tide, Crest, NyQuil, Max Factor, Swiffer, and Duracell, hundreds of millions of people around the globe are affected by the products made by P&G – and the company is still poised to grow in the future.

So the question is: Will Procter Continue article...

The Zen of Financial Investing

New to investing, but know you need to start considering doing so for the sake of your future financial well-being and peace of mind?

We’ll provide an overview on the top things you should consider as you engage in your investment planning, including savings goals you should strive for over time, and with whom you should be discussing your financial planning strategy.

Create a financial plan for yourself. First of all, what are your financial goals? Consider putting together a roadmap Continue article...

9 Tips for Starting an Investment Banking Firm

For the right entity, the idea of starting an investment banking firm can be the beginning of a very lucrative journey. But not everyone is suited for this type of commitment. Although lots of money is part of the package associated with investment banking firms, working as an investment banker requires long hours and a never-ending enthusiasm for the industry. This passion must come from within because it is much more than a job–it is a lifestyle.

Investment banking firms Continue article...

Egypt shines brightly as future growth predicted

The January 25th 2011 revolution briefly crippled the Egyptian economy and drove many foreign investors and tourists away. However, after the revolution, the Egyptian government pledged economic and political reforms to attract foreign direct investments (FDI) such as providing financial facilities that are attractive to foreign investors and this includes measures and incentives to attract foreign banks. The result is now an appealing market for investors and international banks looking to expand into the country.

Financial sector reform The financial reform program Continue article...

The Benefits Of Online Stock Trading

Opening an online stock trading account is probably the best way to get started with the investment trade, especially for individuals who are interested in buying a few stocks but are not too keen on spending a lot. To create an online trading account, you would just need a few mouse clicks and some signatures. There are certain prerequisites or things needed to create an online trading account. A fully functional computer with access to the Internet, a bank account, Continue article...

How You Can Compare Spread Betting Companies

Now that trading has moved away from the trading floors of major exchanges to the internet, there are a growing number of companies that provide this service, and choosing between them can be daunting.

You should only use established companies which are registered with the Financial Services Authority, and you should investigate whether complaints have been made against a company. Online reviews and comparison tables are commonplace, and some sources are highly respected, such as and Whichspreads.

Trading platforms may be Continue article...

Property Investment Good, Property Speculation Bad

Property speculation is the purchase of property for profit and is short-term in nature, while property investment seeks to obtain income in the form of rent and is long-term. Property speculation is frowned upon as it raises the price of houses, which is an emotive subject when first-time home buyers experience difficulties.

The issue of property speculation in Taiwan came to prominence after property hot-spots appeared in Taipei, where prices repeatedly reached new highs due to competition between insurers seeking to Continue article...

Late Day Scalping

Late day scalping is a technical trading strategy that focuses on the exploitation of very small movements in a quiet and stable market environment. Typically, the timeframe in consideration is between 4 pm and 6 pm NY time, when trading desks in the U.S. gradually thin down, and trading is handed over to droning automated systems. The scalper seeks to execute numerous short term, low risk, low profit trades and to accumulate his gains over weeks and months, while cutting Continue article...

How to Choose the Ideal Broker for Your Needs

As many Americans nervously check the stock reports daily, many of them cringe as they watch their hard-earned investments slip away.

Others, meanwhile, sit on the sidelines and wonder whether or not they should get into the investing arena in the first place.

Before choosing an investment broker, here are three things to consider regarding rolling your sleeves up and opening up an account:

* Consider the full service broker and the discount broker – The full service or traditional broker is that Continue article...

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